Our Band - The Sons Of Mojo

Tomi Kuusisto - Guitars and vocal

Tomi has been playing guitar most of his life. He is also a songwriter for TSOM and used to be a professional mixing and mastering engineer.

Guitars are Fender Stratocasters and amps are custom made by Tommy Cougar and Monsteramps Juha Mäntymaa.

Big part of Tone comes also from old Fender Vibratone leslie cabinet.

Matti Karppinen - Bass and backing vocals

Matti is old school bass player who knows how to play smoothly, accurately and still holding the groove.

He is professional musical instrument builder and keeps TSOM instruments and backline always in perfect order.

He playes Jazz Bass with Mark Bass amp and full speaker stack. Double bass is not a problem to Matti and he also playes in Paulina's Diner band.

Riku Heino - Drums and backing vocals

Riku is a professional drummer as he teaches drum playing fulltime in Concis.

He is truly a chameleon in drum playing. Always finds a right beats and grooves, no matter the song.

Riku playes with Yamaha 9000 drumset in TSOM, though he loves also his old Ludwig set.

And he is also the most positive person you can find from this planet.