T. Kuusisto & The Sons Of Mojo

Borrowed album out !

T. Kuusisto

First musical discovery was Dire Straits. Then came Eric Clapton. After that the real master, Jimi Hendrix. What a great players and great songs.

Finally I got the album "The Sky Is Crying" by Stevie Ray Vaughan from a friend. I was blown away and still on that path.

I always try to achieve the same passion and intensity in my own playing and make people to enjoy from that big badass Texas guitar tones thru my own songs. 

It took me 25 years to achieve the right guitar tone. It needed to be biggest heard for a while...

Five hour rehearsals are quite typical...

 & The Sons Of Mojo

Here is the backbone of the whole band. Riku and Matti.

Groove is always there when these gentlemen are around. When band is trio, it makes certain things a bit challenging but not with these guys.

Band was established in February 2020 and ever since we have kept 4-6 hour rehearsals per week. All the songs are always recorded so it makes arranging work easier and keeps playing skills improving all the time.

See you in gigs !